Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cloud Atlas

I wanted to read this book..really i did. someone else reserved it though. so i am going to reserve it after them. then maybe i can finish it. i did slip a note in the book. we'll have to wait and see.


Kristine said...

Yes, you did leave me a note. I'm enjoying this book very much. I think I shall pay the fine and keep it to finish. I will try to read fast. I'm reading this, beacuse it was mentioned on a myspacepage as a favorite of the author of "The Raw Shark Texts". Also a very good book, not at all trite. Maybe you could try that one meanwhile.

Cheilita said...

kristine. thanks for posting a comment. i was wondering when i'd get that book. we can discuss it when i get my turn and thanks for the tip.

Cheilita said...

confession. i did not make it though this book. maybe i was too taken with the jacket review which says something about it being the best book ever...well i just didn't feel that urge to keep reading it. i felt it moved sort of slowly and regretfully i made it only to the end of the first Luisa Rey section. it had it's clever moments i returned it. maybe i'm just not ready for it.